Welcome to the wonderful world of cash flow management!

By filling out just a few forms, your new financial plan will start to unfold right in front of you. You’ll immediately identify problem areas and learn how to close the valve of wasteful spending, because you’ll know exactly where all of your dollars are going!

It will take a little while to fill in these forms for the first time. That’s because you’ll be doing something you’ve probably never done, and you’ll be facing behaviors you may have never faced. That’s okay! After that initial start-up, however, you’ll get better and better at this until budgeting feels like second nature.

For monthly budgeting, you’ll just need to use two forms: the Monthly Cash Flow Plan along with the Allocated Spending Plan or Irregular Income Plan, depending on how you get paid. This should just take about 30 minutes a month once you get in the habit.

Are you ready? It’s time to make your money work for you. Go for it!

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